Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"I'll be left alone forever with my magazines"

magazines i should subscribe to because i already buy just about every issue.

-Details (this i seriously do buy every issue, they are the gayest of the "mens fashion" magazines without actually being "gay")
-Esquire (usually just makes me feel poor, but at least like I'm getting some kind of culture?)
-GQ (decent fashion advice(not that i ever really follow it) and usualy one or two facinating articles but genaraly a little too "manly" for me)
-Seed (i'm a science nerd and an elietist snob, this is the only magazine that really satisfies those two things at once)
-AP (where i get my fix of Emo/Pop-Punk boys, mildly pathetic but i'm ok with that)
-Paste (indi/alt-folk and way "highbrow' though if not for them i would have been way behind on the whole Sufjan Stevens thing so i feel i owe them)
-Spin (somewhere between the maninstreemy-ness of MTV and the more interesting parts of rock, though it's veering towards uninteresting)
-Out (occasionally interesting, sometimes annoying, though i do enjoy there new "nipple count" feature)
-ReadyMade (i own every issue of this magazine and thier book. and i met the woman who started it. i <3 this magazine a lot!)
-Wired (i finally stopped buying it when i realized that at least one of my roommates has a subscription)
-Men's health (it makes me feel like i might some day get off my ass go to a gym and maybe eat real people food, even if that hasn't happened yet)
-The Believer (for various reasons i haven't needed to subscribe to this for a while but i think i'm going to have to start soon)
-Good (this magazine lives up to it's name, and covers all the topics i'm interested in all in one magazine: politics, art, design, etc.)

magazines i buy occasionally
-The Advocate (buying this usually depends on who/what is on the cover. but it almost always gets a flip through when i'm in the bookstore)
-Mental_Floss (i am an unashamed trivia nerd.)
-Rolling Stone (interesting, if sometimes heavy handed, articles. i buy it more for their journalism then their music coverage)
-Scientific American (science nerd. i am a sucker for a headline about quantum anything)
-Nylon Guys (mostly a glorified catalog that makes me feel A-ugly and B-poor. though it often has very hot boys on its cover)
-The New Yorker (yes i want to be that snob. though i only buy it if one of the pieces is by someone i know of)
-New York Magazine (their highbrow/lowbrow-despicable/amazing index is one of my favorit magazine features of all time)

Magazines i want to subscribe to
-Butt (arty, punkish, weird and printed on pink paper. if it didn't ship from Europe and cost 30 Euro i would be all over it)
-Straight To Hell (i'm not ashamed of my pervy-ness. so a little "one-handed" magazine can be quite nice)
-I.D. (in my next life i want to be a designer, for now i will just be content to ogle pretty things. both human and non)

PS - bonus points to who ever can identify the band who's lyric is this post heading

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